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FlexCut is an exclusive heat transfer flex film!

Designed for cutting plotters. 100% polyurethane FlexCut ensures fine, elastic and resistant designs, with an extremely soft touch. Its adhesive liner allows very fine cutting and fast weeding.

15 inch
1 yd roll
5 yd roll
10 yd roll
25 yd roll
50 yd roll
54 yd roll
12 inch sheet
15 inch
12 inch sheet
1-4 sheets
 per sheet
5-14 sheets
 per sheet
15-29 sheets
 per sheet
30-74 sheets
 per sheet
75-149 sheets
 per sheet
150+ sheets
 per sheet

Application Instructions:

  • Preheat garment at a temperature of 302 F for 4 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles.
  • Apply vinyl to substrate for 17 seconds at a temperature of 330 F using medium/high pressure.
  • Peel hot

Washing Instructions:

  • Turn garment inside/out prior to washing.
  • Machine was using mild detergent at 175 F max.
  • Dry at normal dryer settings on household machines
  • Do not iron directly onto the material
  • Do not dry clean

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Heat Transfer Vinyl, White, Gold, Silver, Plum, Lavender, Passion red,

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