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Extreme Imprint is your One-Stop shop for "Everything You Need to Customize a Garment."
We are the go-to destination for quality heat transfer products, equipment and accessories. Visit us at our East Coast location in NJ, our West Coast location in CA, or online.
As a family owned and operated business we feel it's very important to provide quality products at reasonable prices with outstanding customer service.
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Extreme Imprint supplies the highest quality heat transfer vinyl including Siser,
Specialty Materials and Extreme Film to both our wholesale and retail customers.
We also carry a special line of products especially designed for the home crafter including
smaller widths of our vinyl lines and heat transfer papers for inkjet and laser printers.

As authorized dealers for Hix, Graphtec and GCC, we have custom startup packages
for newbies and on-going support for our more experienced customers.
Consider us your partner in success.

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About Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV for short, is a specialty vinyl polymer that can be used on fabrics and other heat resistant materials to create designs and promotional products. It comes on rolls or in sheets with an adhesive backing so it can be cut, weeded, and placed on garments or other substrates for heat application.

Heat Transfer Vinyl can be single colors or patterned with glitter, flock, holographic foil effects, glow-in-the-dark, reflective and
3-D puff. There is also a printable media vinyl for the maker to print & cut their own custom designs.

Extreme Imprint sells Heat Transfer Vinyl in widths of 12", 15", 20"
and 24" (check product listing for availability of each vinyl width.)
We sell in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 yard lengths and in 12" sq. sheets.

Heat Transfer Vinyl is traditionally placed on textile products. Fabrics such as cotton, cotton/polyester blends, polyester, and canvas work well with heat transfer vinyl. Because of the way the vinyl is applied, it must be used on products that can take the heat (ranging from 250°-300° Fahrenheit, or 120°-150° Celsius) and pressure required to make the transfer adhere properly. It is very important to make sure the correct vinyl type is used with the correct substrate. Call us or visit the product listing to make sure you are choosing the correct vinyl product for your project.

Equipment needed to work with Heat Transfer Vinyl includes:
- Design software and a vinyl cutter. Desktop cutters are suitable for low volume and low budget while stand-alone cutters are more appropriate for higher volumes. Print & Cut printers have the ability to create custom printed vinyl.

- Weeding tools are used to remove the Heat Transfer Vinyl that is not part of the design.

- A heat press or iron is used to transfer the vinyl onto the product. Heat presses have the ability to set
a specific temperature and pressure level to suit a specific vinyl and is recommended for professional results.

Heat Transfer Vinyl should last the lifetime of the product when it is attached according to the manufacturer's instructions. Contact Extreme Imprint as you begin your own Heat Transfer Vinyl adventure. We want to help you!