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Clamshell | HIX S650 with Splitter Stand

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The Right Press for Any Job. Comes with Splitter Stand.

  • Auto – Open - press opens automatically without the need of an air compressor.
    It’s the perfect press for high traffic, high volume, and increased productivity.
  • Utilizes an electronically activated mechanical latch release mechanism with a gas shock assist to help enhance and support your operations.
  • 16″ x 20″ heat platen that can apply all types of transfers on items up to ½” thick.
    The floating lower platen helps provide even pressure on thicker items, no matter where it’s applied.
    HIX presses provide completely even pressure from edge to edge, even at high temps.
  • Every heat casting at HIX is manufactured in a permanent steel cavity mold using the HIX exclusive aluminum alloy for maximum heat transfer
  • The S-650 features a touch-screen controller with digital timer, adjustable up to 999 seconds, shows a time countdown on readout, beeps after elapsed time, and resets when the handle is raised.
    The calibrated digital temperature control is adjustable.
  • 120 volt

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