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AlbaChem® Vinyl Liftoff for DTF

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vinyl lift off 20oz for DTF

Reduce waste with AlbaChem®VLR®. VLR®completely removes vinyl letters, sublimation vinyl, vinyl ink patches, heat transfer  labels, heat transfer logos, heat transfer vinyl, flexible screen print inks and DTF from most fabrics.

VLR®’s applicator spout allows for easy application minimizing waste, applying the most powerful residue remover. Fast drying, leaves no stains, VLR® does nor contain any chlorinated solvents or California Prop 65 ingredients.

VLR is easy to use:

Apply a few drops on the reverse side of the garment to dissolve the adhesive. Simply peel off the printed substrate. Highly effective and fast drying. Vinyl Letter Remover saves you time and money dramatically reducing “seconds”.

AlbaChem Vinyl Liftoff completely removes vinyl letters and residues from most fabrics. The Yorker spout allows for easy application minimizing waste. Highly effective and fast drying. Vinyl Liftoff is the home crafter's best friend because it cleans up their mistakes on the spot!.

  • Most powerful residue remover
  • Great for removing tag-less
  • Fast Drying
  • Leaves no stains
  • Does not contain any chlorinated solvents
  • 6oz. and 20oz. available
  • This items ships only to continental states only, UPS ground services only.
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