Extreme Film Heat Transfer Vinyl is our most popular and most practical cut and heat apply material. It comes with a sticky-carrier designed for holding your design in place when heat pressing and protecting both your design and your heat press platen. Extreme Film is the softest-hand material we carry so your applications will turn out smooth and naturally blend with the garment. It can be cut with any vinyl cutter and can be heat-applied to cotton, polyester and cotton poly blends.

Extreme Film Black

Roll Lengths Available
  • • Easiest Vinyl to Cut, Weed and Apply
    • Ideal For Multi-Color Applications 
    • Sticky-Carrier Helps to Cut Fine Detail
    • Produces An Extremely Soft-Hand
    • Applies to Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, or Polyester Material
    • Peels Hot or Cold
    • Roll Widths Available are 15” (**All Roll Widths are Approximate**)
    • Roll Lengths Available are 1yd, 5yd, 10yd, 25yd, or 50yd

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