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Use this pearlescent heat transfer vinyl to create dazzling effects. DecoFilm® Paint FX has a shine similar to a car paint shimmer!

These materials will add considerable value that direct screen printing cannot reproduce. Make your unique design stand out with DecoFilm® Paint FX!

  • Applies to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Polyester/Acrylic, (Not suitable for treated or dyed garments) DO NOT USE on Nylon.
  • Peel Warm.
  • Available Roll Widths are 15” (**All Roll Widths are Approximate**)
  • Available Roll Lengths are 1yd, 5yd, 10yd
  • Offers a smooth and chrome-like surface with an iridescent shimmer.
  • Pressure sensitive carrier enables easy weeding and repositioning.

15 inch
1 yd roll
5 yd roll
10 yd roll
25 yd roll
50 yd roll
54 yd roll
15 inch
12 inch sheet
1-4 sheets
 per sheet
5-14 sheets
 per sheet
15-29 sheets
 per sheet
30-74 sheets
 per sheet
75-149 sheets
 per sheet
150+ sheets
 per sheet

Application Instructions

  • Cut in reverse
  • Weed excess material
  • Preheat garment for 2-3 second
  • Apply design at 310-330F
  • Use medium pressure for 17-20 seconds
  • Peel warm, cover with Teflon Sheet and re-press for2 seconds

Washing Instructions

  • Wait 24 hours before 1st wash
  • Machine wash cold or gentle cycle/ mild detergent
  • Dry low heat
  • Suitable for dry-cleaning

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Heat Transfer Vinyl, Specialty Materials, Watermelon, Champagne, Pearl White

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