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SwingMan | HIX 20 Twin

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This heavy duty swing away heat press features the innovative dual lower platen system which is interchangeable with smaller or custom lower platen systems. This allows the operator to prepare the next print while the other station is transferring the image. With a 16" x 20" straight up and down heat platen, this machine has been designed to transfer to tiles, plaques, and other 3-D substrates application up to 1-3/4" thick. Digital time and temperature readouts are standard and accurately track heat cycling up to 450 degrees. The over center lock down handle provides easy clamping. The rear mount pressure adjustment is capable of producing more downward force than any other standard 16x20 manual heat press. The built in pivot bearing allows smooth and accurate motion to both platens. This heat press is a must have for the production user!

  • 16x20 heavy duty, even heating, swing away platen
  • Applies all types of transfers on items up to 1.75" thick
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Interchangeable with 15x 15, or custom made lower platen
  • Full range pressure adjustment
  • Dual bottom platens allow you to lay out products/transfers while other side is transferring
  • Easy open/close handle and easy swing away motion
  • On/off switch calibrated thermostat that can be set from off to 450°F
  • Box Dimensions (2) 32 x 29 x 20, 34 x 18 x 24
  • Shipping Weight Total 250 pounds - This item must be shipped truckline only
    220 volt

    Expected Delivery- end of August 2021
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