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The AR-24 is the best choice in a beginner cutting plotter.

With the possession of a posh style, AR-24 performs perfectly in cutting with its optimized cutting speed and force and lead to a stunning cutting quality, yet it is priced at a startup level and is worthy of return on investment. GCC AR-24 is built to achieve the optimized cutting abilities with the maximum of 15.7ips (400 mm/sec) cutting speed and 250 grams cutting force; moreover, the cutting width of up to 23.6" support a wide range of applications.
GCC AR-24 supports dual-port connectivity with USB and serial ports. The USB port provides faster data transmission between the computer and GCC AR-24. Dual-port connectivity provides sign makers with great flexibility for data transmission. In addition to an ease of use control panel, AR-24 offers the special VLCD software, which provides a simple and intuitive workflow for users of all levels.

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